What type of animal is this?

I see my new teapot series as a natural progression from the treasure chest series. They are very similar in structure with the addition of a spout and a handle. I have yet to make a pitcher that pours without dripping. We shall see how functional these teapots are….


Large teapot in progress

Can the handle come out of a hat?



This is the very first version of my piggy teapot. This pot was too large and seemed that it would be hard to manage.

I ended up taking it all apart except for the base and about 3 inches of the wall.  I love this 213 clay. It allows one to build, destroy, wedge and start all over again.


Here is an example of the various stages my work goes through before the clay and I figure out the direction we are going.

I had an idea of having the handle of the teapot come out of a hat. I made several versions of a hat. It didn’t work on this piggy.




I added legs and ears to the teapot which totally transformed the piggy.


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